We have one objective: Create fair and efficient ways to fund artists that are creating impactful music and building incredible brands

It's no secret that the music industry has undergone significant changes over the past two decades. Virtually every aspect of the industry has changed in some shape or fashion and artists across all genres are emerging as entrepreneurs, CEOs, and innovators. Record levels of content demand, unparalleled access to music discovery, and increased artist to fan interaction is creating more opportunity in the music space today then there ever has been. In spite of the overall industry growth and technological advancement, the vast majority of artists are climbing an uphill battle. Fragmented cash flows and revenue streams, high turnover, minimal business structure, and limited access to capital markets continue to create significant hurdles to be overcome. 

We Provide Alternative Finance to Artist Businesses

No matter the stage of business, creators need access to additional resources and innovative financing solutions to help fuel continued growth. Historically, the entertainment industry has been under capitalized and we believe that there is an opportunity to provide next generation artists and their teams with capital and technology-enabled analytical tools to make better business decisions.

While it is expected that every business will encounter stall points along way, they should not have to do it alone. We are developing financial tools and solutions to meet artists at the pivotal points of their careers.

Our Team

Jason Burchard

Co-founder and CEO

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Jeremy Burchard

Co-founder and CCO

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Brian Huefner

Strategy and Operations

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Jeremy Brook

General Counsel

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Alex Pitt


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