Building the next era music company to empower content creators

We Provide Business Structure, Smart Capital, and Custom Content

We work with artists and their teams to build sustainable companies around traditional and non-traditional music industry revenue streams. We do this by creating innovative business structures around artists and supplying them with the resources needed to grow.

Who We Invest In

We provide capital to artists across varying genres in different stages of their careers whose list of accolades include everything from national television performances to GRAMMY awards.

Our Process

We provide strategic capital to artists that want to build lasting businesses. We invest in exchange for equity (not copyright ownership) and can and do work alongside all types of industry partners, including management, agents, labels, publishers, and other financial partners. 

We Connect

We meet each other and start the conversation. We talk, get to know your team, and learn about how we might be helpful as investors.

We Invest

If we're a good fit, we'll work with you to structure your business and invest in your company. We invest in exchange for equity.

We Grow

As a minority equity holder, we succeed when you succeed. We are strategic partners that work alongside you and your team to help grow your company.