Power To The Creators. 

We're building a tool to help musicians take control of their careers. And we want you to be part of it.






Right now, it's pretty darn simple. You give us your name and email address and we'll send you a quick "welcome" email. 

In the Spring, we're going to invite you — assuming you're a musician, manager, content creator, or somebody who works closely with those folks — to test a private "beta" version of the tool. We'll then be in touch as you and your feedback help us finesse the private beta into a truly powerful (and USEFUL) product.






For starters, you get to be part of Team RootNote, and we always win (at least when the competition is measured in "fun had"). More importantly, you get to be on the ground floor of what we believe will become a very powerful tool.

Oh, and you'll get to use it for free. Forever.

Who Is 


Founded by brothers Jason and Jeremy Burchard, RootNote is a music and technology startup based in Nashville, Tennessee. Winners of the London School of Economics Entrepreneurs of the Year and Nash Next Startup of the Year finalists, RootNote created the first standardized and scalable solution for equity investments in the music industry. 

Now with a talented team of developers, designers, and industry advisor badasses, RootNote is developing a new tool for musicians and other creatives to take control of their careers. With an eye on financial literacy, smart analytics, and new capital solutions for creatives, RootNote aims to help usher in a new era of growth and independence for entertainers. 

The Burchard brothers and the rest of team RootNote comprises decades of collective experience as artists, producers, investors, analysts, developers, entertainment lawyers, journalists, videographers, digital marketing specialists, consultants, and more.

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